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A Short Note on Steampunk

Science fiction is history that hasn’t happened yet. As an avid history fan and an avid science fiction reader, for me steampunk is the perfect confluence of both passions.         The Baldwin 60000 Locomotive is housed at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia (Image via Wikipedia) Victorian times are a great setting as they were the bridge … Continue reading

22nd Century Post Apocalypse America with a 19th Century Feudal Twist

After The Efflorescence of Oil, the Fall of The Cities, and the False Tribulation, America is once again becoming a world power uniting most of the North American continent, from Panama to Labrador, under the thirteen stripes and 60 stars of the American flag and for the sake of the Dominion of Jesus Christ on … Continue reading

It’s a Science Fictional Universe

Hiding behind subtle and humorous puns that will delight science fiction readers (Skywalker, L. is a client of the main character, the detailed descriptions of the time machine and time travel, the hilarious use of techno-babble and mention of his time machine’s “Niven Rings” are some examples), the author weaves a poignant tale of a … Continue reading

The Consequence of Doing Things With Consequences

Perry Gibbons and Lester Banks just want to make things. Lester, in particular, is ceaseless with his inventiveness, building mechanical, calculating computers out of flattened tin cans and any other pieces of junk he can get his hands on. Perry is more the software guru/business genius, but in an unconscious zen-like way. Together they create … Continue reading

Invariably Pleasing: Variable Star by Robert Heinlein and Spider Robinson

Take the solid and trusted frame of a Heinlein “Juvenile” and give it to one of the punningest and positivistic writers in the genre today to fill in and flesh out. From this rare and unusual pairing you get Variable Star, a sum that is more than its parts.  The only thing that kept me … Continue reading

Hello wordpress world!

I’m a Librarian. A Philadelphia Public Librarian. For many years a children’s librarian, then a manager of 2 inner city public library branches, then an adult/teen librarian, currently a library coordinator (supporting the programming, mentoring, and collection development of 12 branch libraries) in northwest philadelphia. I’ve been blogging off and on since 2002, more regularly … Continue reading